How to Increase the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Property

How to Increase the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Property

Water Features Point Cook

Water features and feature walls are some of the best ways to boost the curb appeal and increase the value of your Melbourne property. A house that is just steel and concrete, without any interesting features to break the monotony of large rooms painted in the same color or to bring some semblance of life to your outdoor spaces, will quickly look bland and feel very stifling.

Water Features Point Cook

No longer the preserve of rich people with large properties marked by immaculate paving, beautiful houses, and rolling open spaces full of greenery, water features Point Cook have emerged as a great way to add interest and life to your outdoor spaces. Sure, the usual paving and other hardscaping tricks are not terribly bad ways to ramp up the look of your property. But, on their own, they can hardly make your property stand out. At least not in the way a water feature can.

And there are now designs available for appropriately sized water features for large and small properties. Besides just adding interest to your outdoors, installing a water feature in your front or backyard has many other advantages.

Benefits of Water Features for Your Property

A good landscape designer will come up with a water feature that complements your property’s location and best features. They will also design a water feature that is in proportion to the size of both your house and the outdoor space itself.

Do a bit of land excavating here and there to alter the terrain a bit, add organic mulching to the surrounding plants, and it will not be long before it starts feeling as if you are really in the wild. When you pull all this off, the water feature will seem as if it occurred naturally and will easily transform your outdoor space, unlocking lots benefits in the process. Among other benefits, water features can;

1.   Bring the Calmness of Nature to Your Urban Property

Let’s face it, the city brings a lot of comforts and conveniences to our lives. When we are in a big city, it seems we are close to pretty much everything we need – good schools and hospitals, entertainment and sporting venues, the biggest concentration of employers, markets for our businesses, etc. But the hustle and bustle of the city can be a bit overwhelming.

Every now and then you will wish to be in a different landscape, where you can get a break from the usual sights and noises. While you cannot fully escape the noises, you can at least ensure your eyes experience something different to rejuvenate the senses when you are at home. A good water feature can do that for you. Water and wild plants with natural mulching will bring the calmness of nature right into your backyard and create a sanctuary you will want to rush back to after work.

2.   Attract Birds to Your to Ecosystem

A well-tended outdoor space with manicured gardens, trees, and a conveniently located water feature Point Cook that attracts insects will be a magnet for birds. Birds of all kinds will come to feed on the insects, fruits, and plant seeds, and to drink and cool off in the water feature. It will also not hurt to have birdbaths scattered all over your garden and around the water feature itself.

Birds are an important part of any natural ecosystem and will bring a lot of benefits to your property. Besides being pollinating aids for your crops and plants, bird droppings are also a good nutrient source for the same plants and crops. Their foraging and nest building will complement your mulching efforts too. They are also a sustainable pest and insect control alternative to environmentally harmful pesticides that may not be as affordable.

3.   They Add to Your Property’s Overall Value

Needless to say, a well designed and constructed water feature will add to the overall appeal of your property and significantly add to its value. In most cases the added value will far outstrip the cost of installing and maintaining the water feature.

And the water feature will not need a lot of maintaining either. Save for a bit of excavating and other installation costs, mulching for the plants, and periodic maintenance for the water pump, the water feature will not need much tending.  All in all, water features Point Cook are a creative and affordable way to add depth, interest, and, ultimately, real value to your property.

Feature Walls Point Cook

Nothing is more dispiriting to the eye as staring at the same white walls every day. You can hang a picture and painting here and there. But, with time, it will seem as if the picture is not even there. To add real contrast and break the sheer blandness of indoor walls painted in the same neutral colors you need something more dramatic. Feature walls Point Cook are a great way to do that.

Key Considerations for Installing Feature Walls

There are many ways of making a wall stand out. A few ways are colorfully painted murals, textured stone cladding, and wood paneling. But perhaps the main consideration when it comes to feature walls is where to have them in your home. You want them clearly visible to you and your visitors. Walls in high traffic areas or common spaces like dining and living rooms are perfect choices. Here are a few other considerations for feature walls that will be worth the investment.

1.   Positioning

Feature walls will have the greatest impact when they are unbroken by windows and doors. There shouldn’t be anything on the wall itself to draw interest away from the feature wall. As such hallways at entrances and living room walls are good places to consider for your feature wall. But above all, your feature wall must be positioned where it can draw attention and, if possible, add a touch of drama to excite a bored eye.

2.   Cost

While there are many ways to build a feature wall, the cheapest one is simply to paint it in a good contrasting color or pattern. It is also a great way to indulge your creative side. And if you are not as creative, there are many interior design professionals and painters in Point Cook, Melbourne who are just a call away. Painting is certainly a lot more affordable than the other alternatives, like stone cladding, which require special skills and expensive materials to install.

3.   Lighting

For something that you will likely use to achieve the contrast and interest you want to get from your feature wall, color, specifically that of the rest of the walls, is a key factor. The colors on your feature wall should be in perfect contrast to the rest of the house. Otherwise there wouldn’t be anything distinctive with it. But perhaps the greatest effect on your feature wall will come from the amount of light coming into the room.

A dark wall in a room that does not get a lot of light will make the room seem rather small. Conversely, a feature wall painted in light colors will add light and volume to a room and make the room seem too big. Too much light may, thus, limit your feature wall’s impact, or even kill the intimacy of the space. Rather do a spot test first to gauge the effect of available light before deciding on the color and position of your feature wall.

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