Retaining Walls Point Cook :- A Landscaping Fix For Sloping Yards

Retaining Walls Point Cook :- A Landscaping Fix For Sloping Yards


You have just bought a house your dream suburb.A great suburb; quiet, not densely populated, and peaceful! It is within easy reach of good schools, health facilities, and a major shopping center! There are great recreational facilities all around you. Finally, you are home.

Except the house itself is not as perfect. If truth be told, you bought the property more for its location than much else. Besides the house’s construction being solid, and the plan being fairly modern, there isn’t much else to this property.

A major reason for the house’s bland looks is its awkward sloping landscape. Like you, the previous owners felt the house had potential. If only they could find out how to deal with the slope. They considered laying some decking, which wasn’t practical. They toyed with the idea of a synthetic instant turf. The slope was too steep for that too.

OK, maybe you are not currently in this predicament. But you may well be considering your options on buying such a property. At Diploma Homes we have had quite a bit of experience with landscaping design Point Cook jobs on properties built on sloping landscapes. One solution we have found working over and over again are retaining walls.

Retaining Walls Point Cook

Trying to landscape a sloping yard is challenging, if not impossible. Ever tried planting a garden on a slope? Not exactly a clever use of your time, is it? You can’t irrigate without the water running off to where you don’t need it. As it runs off it takes your manure, fertilizer, and topsoil with it!

A clever solution would be to a retaining wall at the edge of the space where you intend to use. Fill up the created gully with good soil and you will have a flat surface to hardscape, plant a lawn, garden, trees, or lay you synthetic instant turf.

Retaining walls Point Cook have great benefits as a landscaping aid and hardscaping alternative. But in case you are not completely sold on the benefits of building retaining walls on your sloping front or backyard, here are three quick benefits for you, and the environment.

●  They help prevent soil erosion.

Soil erosion is a big problem the world over. In areas that receive large amounts of rainfall, tracts of prime agricultural land have been lost to erosion. The only way to reduce soil erosion on your space is to flatten your outdoor space to reduce the speed of runoff storm water.

Flatter surfaces will mean you preserve the top, most fertile, soil on your property. You need this soil for the plants and grasses you will want to grow there.

●  They add usable outdoor space

A home without any greenery is not really a sight for sore eyes. You are probably a busy, professional working couple who are rarely at home! Even so, you will need some space to lay a low maintenance synthetic instant turf to add a visual contrast to your outdoor space.

A retaining wall will help flatten the steep, unusable space in your backyard. After flattening it you can have a decking company install a hardwearing hardwood deck on which you can throw a few chairs and a braai area. If you don’t spend that much time outdoors and aren’t the gardening type, you can go ahead and lay a synthetic instant turf there.

●  They help control flood water

We have talked about the damaging effects of uncontrolled storm water running through your property. The erosion it will cause will wash expose your plants and compromise the structural integrity of your house. But there is a more dangerous rainwater threat that a strategically built retaining wall, and a good landscaping design Point Cook, can help neutralize. It is that of flooding.

Though more common in some areas more than others, floods are a real threat. If there are no proper safeguards in place they can destroy household properties or your entire property. A retaining wall built, to the right height, above your sloping yard can help guide floodwater around and away from your yard.

Applications and Material Options For Your Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are probably an innovation inspired by the many frustrations that building contractors working on sloping landscapes faced. They certainly made hillside constructed houses safer and, need we say, quite beautiful.

But retaining walls have also emerged as a creative landscaping tool. When used with a good landscaping design Point Cook, they can transform properties. One of their greatest attractions is their wide range of application. You can use them for;

  • Raised gardens
  • Decking platforms
  • Steps leading up or down to the house entrance
  • Flattening surfaces for your synthetic instant turf
  • Perimeter walls

At first, putting up a retaining wall will seem like an expensive undertaking. To be honest, they can be quite expensive. Depending on the steepness of the slope, there may be need for some excavating – which may call for specialized equipment. In such cases the wall itself will need to be strong to withstand the force of all the soil it will be holding back. The landscaping design Point Cook itself will thus need to be sound.

In most cases however, you have enough scope to consider different materials and designs. The good news is you can even opt for materials, like rocks which you can gather around from right there on your property.

Other materials can be sourced on the cheap from construction dumps, rail yards, and scrap metal dealerships. Here are options you can consider for your retaining walls, depending on what is cheaper or easier to source;

  • Old railway sleepers
  • Gabion
  • Free-form boulders
  • Old railway sleepers
  • Disused steel sheets
  • Corrugated roofing steel sheets
  • Bricks and blocks
  • Molded concrete

A sloping yard must not give you headaches. With a fitting landscape design, and a secure retaining wall, you can reclaim that disused sloping chunk of land in your backyard. The wall will add space on which you can lay your synthetic instant turf, plant some vegetables, or lay some decking for an extra lounge space.

Diploma Homes is a trusted construction and home improvement services company serving clients in Point Cook since 1976. Our projects have transformed the looks and increased the value of many properties in Melbourne. We also offer services that include building design, decking painting, retaining wall construction, landscaping design Point Cook, paving, and land excavating among others. Contact us today with your requirements.