Landscaping Williamstown Affordable Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space

Landscaping Williamstown Affordable Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space

Looking for landscaping ideas to amp up your outdoors style game on the cheap? Today we discuss budget friendly ideas that you can even do yourself or can hire a professional for no more than a day of his time.

Your outdoor space may already be looking alright, but, for something that keeps nagging at you, you feel it needs a spark to really bring it to life. And instead of shelling out thousands of dollars on a complete redesign or expensive features and trims, you want smaller but impactful tricks and improvements that won’t leave holes in your pocket.

Let’s get to it.

1.  Wooden tree bench

Hold the thought if you have a big tree in the middle of your backyard that you wanted to cut down! A tree bench will serve both a decorative and functional purpose in your backyard. It is functional in the sense that you need some form of seating in your outdoor space. It is a great idea if you are one who loves spending time outdoors.

This is such a novel way to add interest and dimension to your outdoor space and, depending on your choice of wood and joinery skills, it can create quite a look. The bench will be designed to circle round your big tree. This idea is remarkably simple to recreate and yet, when complete, it will transform your space. A good carpenter should be able to put the bench up within a day.

2. Address post and mail holder

This is an area that people seldom put much thought in when considering the greater landscaping Williamstown plan. But it is such valuable landscaping real estate that will give your visitors a sneak peek into what they will find once inside. The assumption is that you already have the outside space beside your driveway nicely manicured with a lush lawn and flower beds. Adding a distinctive address post and mail box will elevate the look of your property’s entrance.

For a popping look, get a builder to erect a bare brick masonry pillar to which the house number will be vertically affixed. Shop around for a mail box, ideally one in a unique design and bright color, and fix it to the masonry pillar pointing to the street. There is great scope to play around with the idea until you find a design that truly catches the eye.

3. Garden urns, pots, and statuary

Garden pots, urns, and statuary are a great, fairly affordable, way to add a bit of character to your backyard. There are literally hundreds of designs you can shop for online. But as you shop, look around for the quirky and unusual. The aim is to find things that will accentuate your space and not the common kind you find on most properties.

For pots, for example, look for those that use mock human feet for support. There are even designs based on aqua animal forms, like frogs and hippos. Instead of just randomly placing them around your garden, shop around for cut logs to anchor the pots and urns on. Tree stumps, if you have those, will work well also. Give the pots ad urns prominence by placing them where they can be seen, like along the driveway or besides the main entrance to the house.

4. Rounded and curved lawn edging

Because of the sheer amount of time and money they take to maintain, lawns often account for a large part of your landscaping budget. Just as well, ensure you are getting the most out of this investment. Pulling weeds, trimming the grass, and edging the lawn will no doubt keep it looking sharp. But you could heighten your grass patch’s appeal even more by using rounded and curved edging.

Straight lines will look smart and professional, but they are hardly worth remarking on because they are such a common way to dress gardens. Edging your lawn in meandering patterns will create something to draw the eye and break the monotony of an otherwise ordinary looking space. The excess spaces created can be hardscaped or planted with flowers or whatever you were growing along the edges. This is a fun landscaping Williamstown trick that will not leave holes on even a tight budget.

5. Raised flower beds in the middle of a lawn

Still with your grass patch, nothing breaks a tired view and adds accent to your garden quite like a raised flower bed planted in the middle of the lawn. The fact it is raised ensures it will be visible from afar and will break a person’s view and give them something to admire.

Don’t just gather put up mounds of earth that you hold up with anything you can find. Go all out and source good quality interlocking bricks. Be sure to come up with a fun shaped raised bed, preferably with rounded edges. Consult a professional builder if you can’t pull this off yourself.

This is an affordable way to decorate your outdoors where others would be thinking of a water feature and other big budget structures. For more interest, sink a pedestal in the middle of the flower bed and balance a brightly colored bird bath on top.

6. Old chair swing

How often do you think about the younger members of your family when you make landscaping improvements on your property? Or you may not have children! Still, it is not unusual to find an adult on a swing. Even if you don’t get to actually use the swing yourself, it will make a playful addition that will enrich your outdoor space.

Look around for a sturdy old wooden chair or bench you no longer use much and use it to make the swing’s seat. You will need to make sure the ropes are new and strong. Especially if you intend to also use the swing yourself! Trawl yard sales and auctions if you haven’t got an old chair lying around. A new chair just wouldn’t create the same weathered look you should be recreating with the swing.

Do you have any creative and affordable landscaping Williamstown ideas you can’t quite pull off yourself? At Diploma Homes we have experienced, professional landscape architects who will bring any idea to life. Contact us today for a free quote.