Landscaping RockBank; Tips to Consider with Your Landscape Design

Landscaping RockBank; Tips to Consider with Your Landscape Design

Landscaping RockBank

Are you pleased with how your residential property’s outdoors look? Do you constantly peak over the neighbors’ fence because you can’t stop admiring their lush green garden or oh-so cool retaining walls? How about their stunning, immaculately maintained, PGA golf course grade lawn?

Well, they could soon be peaking over the same fence wondering just what you have done with your own space. You won’t believe what a landscaping RockBank rework, a conveniently located water feature, and previously plain-vanilla wall turned feature wall can do to your property’s looks.

Landscaping RockBank Design Considerations

A good landscape design remains one of the best ways of improving your property’s value and creating outdoor spaces perfectly adapted for relaxation and entertaining.

That said, there is no common landscape template for every residential or commercial property. Your own property’s features and natural landscape will differ from your neighbor’s. So too should the landscape design you finally settle on.

The best landscape designs are those that stay within the Victoria state’s natural limits. It makes little sense planting a tropical garden in a dry area that receives little rain and is prone to municipal water rationing. But what factors should inform your choice of landscape design?

1.   Soil type.

You will want to plant some grass, flowers, and trees, won’t you? Most people in Victoria often do. Soil type affects a lot of other things too. One is drainage. Land that is particularly flat mean rain water will not flow off as freely.

If your type of soil is also the heavier, clay type, you will likely have a water logging problem on your hands. Mix in some sand to improve drainage. If you feel this won’t solve the problem satisfactorily, you could lay some underground drainage, or raise the gradient of the slope so much of the rainwater runs off.

You may even want to be plant a garden. It is important still to mix in some sand so your land won’t water log and affect your plants. On the flip side, if the soil is too sandy the implication is there won’t be much nourishment for the whatever you will plant there.

To grow healthy plants it will be necessary to mix in some humus to improve the soil’s fertility. Again if the soil is too loose, you may have to be concerned with the threat of soil erosion. A good fix for that will be to build a few retaining walls to break the slope.

2. Climate

A well thought landscaping RockBank design will have to factor in the Victoria’s or your local climate as well. If the area is dry and arid, you may be best served adding more hardscaped features to minimize the amount of water you will need to use.

A large lawn and garden which you are not going to water consistently enough won’t make for the picture perfect outdoor space you have in mind.

3. Existing plants

What plants are already growing on your space? Best to find ways of incorporating existing trees into the new landscape design. Chopping down trees is never wise, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Besides, you may want to plant some trees there anyway. Fine, you may have had another type of tree in mind. But trees take time to grow. And they play such an important role in the natural ecosystem, including wind breaking and sheltering birds. They are a good natural humus source. You should think twice before cutting down a fully grown tree.

4. Personal needs

What good is a beautiful landscape design if it does not add value to your life? Your outdoors should be adapted to your family’s lifestyle and needs before any other consideration. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? If so, you will need to incorporate more areas with comfortable seating and shade.

What about animals? Do you have free grazing turkey or chickens? If yes, you may want to plant grasses they can graze on, and even add water points they can easily access. If you love gardening you will want to reserve the patch with the most sunlight and fertile soil for the vegetable garden.

5. Budget

Last but not least, you have to be able to afford all these. You want to be careful what you wish for isn’t too expensive for your budget. With enough planning, and a good landscaping RockBank designer, you can create a beautiful and truly custom landscape design on a fairly cheap budget.

The easiest way to save money is to opt for natural materials. Instead of using expensive materials to build your water feature or retaining wall, look around your property or area for free-formed rocks and logs. You can also trawl building dump sites and auction yards for reusable materials. Otherwise, think creatively. There is always a saving to be made for one who makes the effort to research and consider all options.

How Else Can I Spotlight My Victoria Outdoor Space?

The landscaping RockBank job is now done. The grass and plants are coming to life. It has no doubt taken time and money! But you wonder if there isn’t something you can add that can really set your outdoors apart. A swimming pool would look really nice? But you aren’t really the swimming type, and the budget may not allow it just yet.

Water Features

Think of it, there are a lot of good reasons for installing a water feature on your property. Aside from the cost being fairly manageable, it is such a statement feature it will stand out and beg to be feasted upon by everyone who visits.

More seriously, the water feature will attract birds to your outdoors. Never mind them being so small creatures, birds are important to the natural environment. Their constant chirping may be what you hear and see, but, as they do that they are moving pollen that will fertilize your plants.

Feature Walls

You could erect a feature wall beside the gate or the house entrance. You can design it to fit into an existing decor theme so it blends with the rest of the property. If your outdoor space has a lot of plants planted, your garden feature wall may feature climbing plants trained into visually appealing color patterns.

The feature wall beside your house entrance may be embellished with decorative natural stone cladding. This will take the natural feel of the outdoors right into the house.

Do you have any landscaping RockBank ideas you are struggling to bring to life? At Diploma Homes, we design and create great landscaping that blend in with Victoria’s natural climate. We are also trusted for superior retaining walls and water feature design and construction. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.