Budget Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Budget Friendly Landscaping Ideas


Our home is our castle. Rather surrounding it with moat, decorate your yard with the following landscaping ideas to add color, warmth and texture to your house. There are many wonderful and beautiful ways to make your home more appealing and inviting for e.g. planting perennials and annual plant, growing shrubs, creating spaces for outdoor parties and gathering. Creating a modern yard doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Well-implied landscaping ideas can upgrade your home’s aesthetic, and the right flowers, plants and shrubbery can enhance curb appeal. The below listed landscaping ideas are functional, attracted and pocket friendly.

Planting Vines

You can always decorate your yard with rambling vines. There’s nothing more romantic or elegant than planting deep green tendrils around the fences and columns especially when you have chosen delicate flowering vine species. Clematis would look great in your yard, it blossoms pink, white, purple or blue. Grow these vines on a fence or in a container or in trellis.

Plant Perennials

Perennials are plants that grow year after year, while annual plants are the ones that live for only one season. Fill your garden with perennials for a more budget friendly choice of flowers. Allium, Cone flower, Buddleia, Astilbe, Sage and Kangaroo Paw are modern perennials you can choose from for your yard.

Decorate Your Driveway

Be careful while sculpting your landscape. If you choose the right plants and material, you can easily hide an unattractive driveway. By taking just few pains you can transform the unattractive portion of your house into a gardeners paradise.

Use Gravel as Cheap Garden Accent

Gravel is inexpensive, durable and low maintenance. Use gravel in spots where plants can’t flourish, where there’s heavy foot traffic, or an area where a modern look is needed, where there are drainage problems.

Plant Lilies

When talk about tough and resilient plant, lilies are what we are thinking of. Lilies do not need any fertilizers; they are not affected by droughts. The perfume like fragrance of lilies is perfect to welcome hot and humid summers. If you need a low-fuss, low-maintenance and high impact flower then lilies is your go to flowers. They come in a wide range of vibrant colors. These flower do not care much about the soil the planted in and enjoy the sun.

Add Planters

We normally have wine crates or barrels at our home. You can use these to plant flowers or vegetables and don’t have to buy expensive planters or raised beds. Place these planters at different heights to add dimension and depth to your garden. You can also paint your planters in a bold dark color. Always soak terracotta pots in water for an hour before painting them with any water based paint.

Add Height using Baskets and Planters

Add eye catching and lovely layers to your yard by using elevated planters and hanging baskets. This will create a visual interest with minimal efforts. Using elevated planets and hanging baskets help in creating a beautiful sea of colors from high to low and gives an effect of waves blossoms rising and falling across your yard. This is a foolproof plan to get create am immersive escape.

Grow Shrubs

The easiest way to transform your yard is by adding blooms. Blooming tress, shrubs and flowers have a huge impact on your yard. Chinese snowball shrubs are one of the spring’s showiest shrubs. The plant grows big and grows to the height of 12 to 20 feet tall. It blooms in the form of white flower clusters.

Make geometric patterns with Pavers

The cheapest landscaping idea is to create a visual impact by using pavers and ground cover. If you bare either or unused ground spaces in your yard then cover it up with broken or recycled pavers in a pattern of you’re choosing. Plant creeping sedum or moss between the seams for contrast. By using the combination of two means you need less of each and hence helps you save money.

Decorate Pool Area

If you have a pool in your yard, then landscape around it to make the pool look more attractive. Remember to keep the area around the pool spacious. Don’t crowd it with plants and light. Close to the pool, use potted plants and keep bedding away to keep the area organized and clean.

Add Ornamental Grasses for a Cheap Contemporary Look

You can use a combination of grasses to add color; texture and modern look to your garden. Grasses can make your landscape look expensive and high design and are low maintenance and cheap. Few grasses worth adding to your backyard are Fountain grass, Feather Reedgrass, Little Bluestem, Blue Oatgrass and Zoysia.

Hide Outdoor Structures While Landscaping

Garages, sheds and outdoors are not very attractive accents of your yard. So when landscaping make sure you hide these structures and make the most of these by using them as background setting for a beautiful display of flowers and plants. Try adding a shelf on the exterior of the structure to place light weighted fiberglass flowerpots. You can use these to pot ferns to add an earthy accent to the threshold.

Use Retainer Walls

Retainer walls can help create visual areas of interest, define flowerbeds and also prevent soil erosion. You can highlight a tree by encapsulating it within a short retainer wall.

Ask your friends for Cuttings

Many flowers and plants can grow from a small cutting of another plant. So before you go to a nursery to buy seedlings or plants, ask your friend whose plants you’ve been admiring for the longest time to give you a small cutting of those plants. Beautiful plants and flowers like butterfly bush and succulents can grow from small cuttings and will beautify your yard.

Fence Around the Yard

Install fence around your yard for privacy and to add structure to your garden. You can either get a white picket fence that adds more elegance to your landscape and is easy to maintain or get tightly packed bamboo stakes to get privacy. Fencing is very important not for just privacy but for also deer-proofing your garden.

Aluminum Edging

You can get aluminum landscape edging done to prevent grass stolon from invading your pathway or garden. Aluminum edging comes in a wide range of color and is very flexible. It resists corrosion and is durable in all weathers. It is perfect for lakefront or sea front properties.

Call a professional

Creating a beautiful and modern yard on your own can be a difficult task. Contact a professional for help. Diploma homes of Point Cook Melbourne specializes in landscaping. The best thing about them is that they work around the budget you have for them. They are extremely creative and will redesign your yard to give it a modern setting. They do residential yards and apartment rooftops. They use creative low-maintenance materials and will make your yard look like those million dollar contemporary gardens displayed in the magazines. Contact them to get a fresh look for your yard this season.