Cheap Outdoor Renovations That Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal, Livability, and Value

Cheap Outdoor Renovations That Can Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal, Livability, and Value

The bigger home renovation jobs can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Of all the areas in a standard home, the bathroom will be the most expensive to renovate. But, however small or large your Melbourne house is, there are improvements you can make on the cheap that can improve both the value and curb appeal of your property.

But, too often, when renovating our homes we are tempted to look at improvements we can make on the house itself. Yes, those often make immediate and noticeable changes to your residential property. But those are often costly.

For sustainable home improvements, which you can make on the cheap, it may be prudent to look outside, into your driveway or garden. There is a lot that you can do there that will improve the look and livability of your property. Let’s talk about that today.


Changing your entire garden plan may call for expensive excavating and replanting. Yet, a closer look at your garden and backyard will expose areas that could do with a few improvements. You can choose to replace the weathered lawn in your front yard with a new sod. On the edges of the new lawn you can plant taller growing grasses in contrasting colors for an expensive looking, yet cheap, effect.

Relaying the entire patch will give your property a green, fresh new look within a week or two. That will only require minor landscaping and small budget. To go with the new grass, you might as well show all the trees and plants some love by laying new mulching. There are several types of mulching that you can buy on the cheap, but we will advise to go for the organic, biodegradable kind. That mulch will decompose and turn into a food source for the plants.

Water Features

Another way changing the face of your outdoor space and ramp up your property’s curb appeal is installing a water feature. And these need not be expensive, if you choose a spot that doesn’t needs much excavating or landscaping. You can choose to make yours using salvaged bricks and rubble from demolished buildings and construction dump sites around Point Cook and all over Melbourne. A creative brick layer can find ways to use such materials to build a unique water feature that can be a major attraction for your property.

Better still, you can sink a pond from which the water from the water feature can be recycled. After planting water plants and grasses in the pond, you can even breed some small fish in the pond. By carefully researching all this you will realize the only significant investment you will make is the water pump and a few building materials. The rest will be down to your creativity and endeavor.

Foot paths

This is another creative, yet cheap way, to add contrast and a personal touch to your yard. Look for areas of high foot traffic, where the grass may be struggling to grow. Often these lead to a frequented spot in the garden; a bench, water feature, shaded tree, fruit tree, or water tap. The material options here are also wide and fairly affordable.

The more permanent alternative would be a concreting mold along the path. It is a rustic and weather proof option that will last a long time. But if concreting does not give you the effect you are looking for you can consider gravel or paving as options. Gravel is probably the cheapest choice, requiring quite minimal maintenance. Yet, for a more eye catching effect, paving is best.

If on a small budget, trawl salvaged building material sales sites around Point Cook or all over Melbourne, and look for pavers in reusable condition. Most are just discolored from mud and dirt, and can be easily cleaned. To lay them, choose a pattern that appeals to you. But instead of sealing the joints, plant some moss or creeping grass for a distinctive mosaic pattern.


The entrance to your property tell a lot about what could be inside. Often visitors draw the impression of the whole property from the gate and driveway. If that impression isn’t too good, whatever they may find once inside, that image may be the one that sticks out in their minds. After you have repainted your gate, replanted the flower beds beside it, and pulled all the weeds from the outside lawn, it may be wise to consider reworking your driveway.

As with the foot paths above, you have lots of options for the materials you can use for your driveway. But because of the heavy vehicle traffic, the material or finish you finally settle on for your driveway needs to be durable. After paving, concreting could be the next best alternative. And contrary to popular belief, there is a lot you can now do to improve its visual appeal. Nice geometric patterns can be drawn in before the concrete sets.

House Entrance

After admiring your nice entrance and driveway, it will be a shame if visitors are to be stumped by how bland the entrance to the house itself looks. Carefully consider the door itself. A solid construction hardwood door will look very nice. Yet there could still be a need to work on that plain and ordinary looking wall. We suggest turning it into a feature wall that visitors will stop and admire before you welcome them inside.

You have a couple options for your feature wall, including painting it into a colorful motif or image, or even stone cladding. But for an eclectic feel that draws the green outdoors into the house we suggest planting a climbing tree and training its branches into horizontal patterns as it grows up the wall. The wall itself could be painted in a light neutral shade so the green patterns from the tree will provide a nice attention grabbing contrast.

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