February 16, 2017

Retaining Walls Point Cook :- A Landscaping Fix For Sloping Yards

You have just bought a house your dream suburb.A great suburb; quiet, not densely populated, and peaceful! It is within easy reach of good schools, health facilities, and a major shopping center! There are great recreational facilities all around you. Finally, you are home. Except the house itself is not as perfect. If truth be told, you bought the property more for its location than much else. Besides the house’s construction being solid, and the plan being fairly modern, there isn’t much else to this property. A major reason for the house’s bland looks is its awkward sloping landscape. Like you, the previous owners felt the house had potential. If only they could find out how to deal with the slope. They considered laying some decking, which wasn’t practical. They […]
February 16, 2017

Ideas for Bathroom Renovations That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

The bathroom will without a doubt be one of your home’s most used rooms. Because of that, its fixtures and installations will wear faster than those in your home’s other rooms. It is thus not surprising that the bathroom is a priority renovation choice for homeowners. But bathrooms are also the most expensive. Planning and completing a bathroom renovation often becomes a challenging and expensive undertaking.   At Diploma Homes we recognise how absolutely important some of these renovations are. We also know that the money to finance large-scale renovations is not always available. Where budgets are tight, our experts work with clients to determine ways to deliver affordable renovations that still address their needs. For those who may still want their bathrooms redesigned and built from scratch, we offer […]
December 31, 2016

Your Local Bathroom Renovation Specialists- Servicing Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

Diploma Homes is one of the industry’s top service providers for all things home and bath when it comes to renovation or remodelling we have a large array of options that homeowners can choose from in order to make any interior design fantasy you have come to life. If you live in Altona and are interested in bathroom remodelling or any other form of home renovation then you are in luck, we have specialists dedicated to servicing you and we even offer on-site consultations to our clients who are interested in our remodelling and renovation services.   Our specialists are experts when it comes to modern bathroom design and can help you incorporate any facet of your ideas that you may have. We understand that not everyone has or wants […]
December 15, 2016

Budget Friendly Landscaping Ideas

Our home is our castle. Rather surrounding it with moat, decorate your yard with the following landscaping ideas to add color, warmth and texture to your house. There are many wonderful and beautiful ways to make your home more appealing and inviting for e.g. planting perennials and annual plant, growing shrubs, creating spaces for outdoor parties and gathering. Creating a modern yard doesn’t have to be overly expensive. Well-implied landscaping ideas can upgrade your home’s aesthetic, and the right flowers, plants and shrubbery can enhance curb appeal. The below listed landscaping ideas are functional, attracted and pocket friendly. Planting Vines You can always decorate your yard with rambling vines. There’s nothing more romantic or elegant than planting deep green tendrils around the fences and columns especially when you have chosen […]