March 22, 2017
Landscaping RockBank

Landscaping RockBank; Tips to Consider with Your Landscape Design

Are you pleased with how your residential property’s outdoors look? Do you constantly peak over the neighbors’ fence because you can’t stop admiring their lush green garden or oh-so cool retaining walls? How about their stunning, immaculately maintained, PGA golf course grade lawn? Well, they could soon be peaking over the same fence wondering just what you have done with your own space. You won’t believe what a landscaping RockBank rework, a conveniently located water feature, and previously plain-vanilla wall turned feature wall can do to your property’s looks. Landscaping RockBank Design Considerations A good landscape design remains one of the best ways of improving your property’s value and creating outdoor spaces perfectly adapted for relaxation and entertaining. That said, there is no common landscape template for every residential or […]
February 21, 2017
Retaining Walls Melbourne

Retaining Walls – What They Are And How To Strengthen Them

Since time immemorial people have used retaining walls Melbourne for many purposes, including reinforcing hillside farms and homes. Today these walls are used in road construction, landscaping, and in building construction. Thanks to the technology behind them, we can now erect structures almost anywhere, whatever the terrain. What is a retaining wall? Retaining walls are special walls erected to hold back soil and flatten to a stretch of sloping land. The flattened land, usually on the sides of hills and other undulating land formations, then enable the construction of a road or building, the planting of a garden or lawn, and different landscaping plans. Depending on the steepness of the slope you are working with, and how much soil you want to hold back, there are different materials you can […]
February 16, 2017

Retaining Walls Point Cook :- A Landscaping Fix For Sloping Yards

You have just bought a house your dream suburb.A great suburb; quiet, not densely populated, and peaceful! It is within easy reach of good schools, health facilities, and a major shopping center! There are great recreational facilities all around you. Finally, you are home. Except the house itself is not as perfect. If truth be told, you bought the property more for its location than much else. Besides the house’s construction being solid, and the plan being fairly modern, there isn’t much else to this property. A major reason for the house’s bland looks is its awkward sloping landscape. Like you, the previous owners felt the house had potential. If only they could find out how to deal with the slope. They considered laying some decking, which wasn’t practical. They […]
February 16, 2017

Ideas for Bathroom Renovations That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

The bathroom will without a doubt be one of your home’s most used rooms. Because of that, its fixtures and installations will wear faster than those in your home’s other rooms. It is thus not surprising that the bathroom is a priority renovation choice for homeowners. But bathrooms are also the most expensive. Planning and completing a bathroom renovation often becomes a challenging and expensive undertaking.   At Diploma Homes we recognise how absolutely important some of these renovations are. We also know that the money to finance large-scale renovations is not always available. Where budgets are tight, our experts work with clients to determine ways to deliver affordable renovations that still address their needs. For those who may still want their bathrooms redesigned and built from scratch, we offer […]