Ideas for Bathroom Renovations That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Ideas for Bathroom Renovations That Won’t Cost You a Fortune


The bathroom will without a doubt be one of your home’s most used rooms. Because of that, its fixtures and installations will wear faster than those in your home’s other rooms. It is thus not surprising that the bathroom is a priority renovation choice for homeowners. But bathrooms are also the most expensive. Planning and completing a bathroom renovation often becomes a challenging and expensive undertaking.


At Diploma Homes we recognise how absolutely important some of these renovations are. We also know that the money to finance large-scale renovations is not always available. Where budgets are tight, our experts work with clients to determine ways to deliver affordable renovations that still address their needs. For those who may still want their bathrooms redesigned and built from scratch, we offer budget Bathroom Design Altona services that ensure you still save money.


There are many ways you can save money on your next renovation job. Let’s discuss a few that have worked well on our previous bathroom renovations Altona.


1.  Concentrate on Repairs

Tearing down the whole bathroom, knocking off walls and building new ones, will call for large budgets that you can not always afford. We advise to inspect your bathroom and identify those broken fixtures that you feel need the most urgent attention. They could be broken showers, loose fitting tiles or broken shower cubicle and storage unit doors.


Make a list of those and repair or replace them. The rest of the fixtures can be updated with a few touch-ups. The brass taps and cupboard door handles can be polished, the tub reglazed, the walls repainted and the floor tiles buffed.

2.  Add One Statement Feature

Sometimes there aren’t that many broken fixtures and furniture. But still, you will feel the bathroom could do with an update. In such cases, you may find it prudent to use your limited budget to replace one item with a more modern one. You could replace the bland looking countertops with new shiny granite ones. Accompanied by a fresh paint job on the walls the bathroom can be totally transformed.

3.  Update the tapware

Tapware designs keep evolving. Because these don’t cost a lot of money you will find that replacing all the taps in your bathroom will add a modern touch to your old bathroom. There are choices for taps with a modern and trendy appeal as well as those with a timeless look that will transcend trends and seasons. With that done you can then utilise our very affordable bathroom tiling services western suburbs Melbourne and have new tiles installed for a dramatic transformation.

4.  Add new storage

Another great and inexpensive, way to renovate and revamp the look of your bathroom is by adding new shelving for extra storage. Some bathrooms especially those in older properties may not have any storage at all. For these, where space is also limited you can fix a few wall-mounted glass or wood shelves. Add an another walled-mounted corner cupboard, install waterproof blinds, paint one wall in an accent colour and your bathroom you can even start feeling like you have spent a fortune on it.


At Diploma Homes we provide affordable bathroom restoration services Altona. We can turn around complete bathroom renovation projects, including design, and deliver beautiful and functionally superior bathrooms in very short times. Contact our experts for a free consultation.