Bathroom Renovations Williamstown – These Tips Will Help You Save Money, And Avoid Remorse.

Bathroom Renovations Williamstown – These Tips Will Help You Save Money, And Avoid Remorse.

Bathroom Renovations Williamstown

You have saved hard for this and, finally, you can tackle that bathroom renovation you know can significantly boost the value of your Williamstown property. You have waited too long to wave goodbye to the leaky tapes, cracked mirror, broken cupboards, and those loose tiles on your bathroom floor. But in all the excitement it is easy to overspend on things that do not add value to your property.

There is even a risk of spending a lot of money on fittings you will realize you don’t even need. You will have no way of recovering money spent on something you have already installed, which is no way of enjoying something you have worked so hard to accomplish. Bathroom Renovations Williamstown cost quite a bit of money. Make sure you do it right the first time by following the tips we will discuss here.

1.  Hire A Qualified Professional

We know it is tempting to want to save costs by doing some of the things yourself. And you may not be that bad at painting, or you worked as a plumbing assistant in your first job after graduating from college. But you can end up incurring more costs than you saved further down the road. Correcting a poorly done job usually costs more.

Hire a professional the first time and have the guarantee that your bathroom renovation Williamstown job will be done right and on time. Just as bad as doing it yourself, when you lack the experience or right expertise, is hiring the wrong professional. Hire an experienced builder to manage the project. An experienced building contractor will deliver a far better job than a plumber whose skills may only lie in fitting pipes, and not in managing tilers, painters, and bricklayers.

2.  Buy Only Australian Standards’ Certified Fittings

Those bathroom fittings from Europe may be very appealing. Before spending an arm and a leg buying them, make sure they are certified by Australian Standards. Make a point to ask for guidelines and recommendations from your local City of Melbourne office also. By law, tradesmen are not allowed to fit anything that does not carry a seal of quality from the national standards body.

Generally it is best to buy bathroom supplies from reputable distributors. Usually these will only stock products they know can be legally used in Australia. Also, you will find it easier to get a replacement should you need one. You will not want different types of drawer handles and tapes in one bathroom. Be especially careful with specialist online retailers. There are plenty of bathroom furniture and fittings suppliers in Melbourne that stock products of international standards.

3.  Make Sure The Cost Of Renovation Is Proportionate To Value Of Property

As a rule of thumb, never install anything whose value you won’t be able to recover in the event that you decide to sell your house. Even if you intend to stay in your Williamstown house for the foreseeable, it is a good idea not to go overboard with your renovation. The expense still has to justify the function. It is best to first renovate only those fittings that have broken down and have become functionally obsolete, and then move on to aesthetics.

And again, you want to make sure the cost of your bathroom is in proportion to the value of the house itself. It makes no sense spending a fortune on a bathroom when the house itself is an average suburban property. Each room in the house, including the bathroom, has its own value. To expand, the renovation cost of the master bathroom suite will be higher than that of the standard bathroom.

As a guide, spend no more than 10 percent of the whole house on the master bathroom and 5 percent on the standard bathroom that everybody else uses.There is a point beyond which all other fittings and trims will not add any value to the property. Know which point, or cost, this is. There is only so much you can price into the house itself at resale.

4.  Replace All Old Pipes

Not matter how swank your new bathroom is, it will count for precious little if the old plumbing soon starts to leak. In fact, the plumbing pipes should the first thing you inspect before you even draw a budget for the bathroom renovation job. This is especially important if your house is an old one where the pipes used are no longer the recommended types.

The pipes used in houses built in the 1960s going back trapped a lot of sediment. Overtime all that sediment will reduce water pressure. Besides that, if you don’t replace the water pipe during the renovation and it starts to leak before long it will mean knocking of part of the same wall and removing tiles you just recently fitted. That is an expense that you should avoid with a more comprehensive bathroom renovations Williamstown job.

5.  Make Custom Measurements For Showers And Benches

It is easy to neglect this one. But remember you are renovating this bathroom for you, especially if it is the master bathroom. You want it to improve your quality of life. As such, you should not have to struggle to reach or access anything because it’s too low or too high.

Everything in your new bathroom should be measured to your specific proportions including the height of the shower, the toilet seat, the bench, the mirror, the storage cupboards. Because this is not a public bathroom that’s going to be used by a lot of people for which the measurements have to be standard ones.

Measure yours and your partner’s reach for everything and instruct the contractor to ensure all fittings are installed to those measurements. Otherwise you may need to have the fittings refitted to the right heights, which will add to the cost of the bathroom renovation.

Which contractor will you hire to do your bathroom renovation?

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