Affordable Landscaping Ideas For Your Property

Affordable Landscaping Ideas For Your Property

Every modern outdoor space can benefit from some form of landscaping. For it goes far beyond just ensuring your property has aesthetically pleasing and livable surrounds. Landscaping has more practical uses such as soil protection, land reclamation, and drainage support.

However, the average property owner will, regardless of budget, wish to create a landscape that delivers both aesthetic and functional benefits. And even if the space is virgin land with nothing planted or a pre-landscaped garden that just needs updating, without guidance from an experienced hand the whole process can become a bit overwhelming.

Even when you are not short on inspiration, deciding which landscaping plan suits your Melbourne property best may still make the whole exercise more challenging than it should. Here are a few affordable ideas that you can consider with your contractor, which will work with almost any landscape plan or budget;

Mix plant and non-plant materials

A landscaping plan that consists entirely of growing plants and grasses has huge appeal. All the lush greenery will make for a truly picturesque outdoor space that is a haven for you, your pets, and birds. But besides being a challenge to both create and maintain, it is also not always affordable or practical.

Sometimes the best way to add interest and make your outdoor spaces easier and cheaper to maintain is to incorporate more hardscaped areas. Where you would add a hedge to divide your space, you could choose to instead lay paved intersecting trails that add mystique and adventure to your outdoor space.

Pebbles or gravel will be an even more affordable option. The color of the paved tracks or natural pebbles will add a good contrast to the grasses and plants.

Choose multi-use plants

Large outdoor spaces can be quite a challenge to landscape. But so could be smaller, cramped spaces for which there may not be enough space to create the garden of your dreams. You will want a vegetable patch, a few benches, a lawn, water feature, and a couple of fruit trees. Yet it may not be practical, even for experienced contractors, to incorporate these into your space when constrained with a shortage of space.

But with a few smart choices, for trees especially, you may just accomplish your goal. An example are trees that provide shade and fruit, which can also be espaliered into a hedge for privacy. Apple trees work well for this purpose when planted at the right spots. Another option are grape trees that provide juicy fruit when in season and can be trained into hedges for privacy, and into thick canopies for shade.

Plant in numbers

At the opposite extreme of the idea above is the common challenge of what to do with large excess spaces that remain after you have incorporated everything else. Fine, most of the space may be planted with lawn grass. But you may need something cheap to break the monotony of these sweeping carpets of trimmed grass. And trees are great for this. In fact, trees are desperately underutilized in most modern landscaping plans.

Shop around for a good blend of both native and exotic trees from your local Plumpton nursery. But be careful to resist the temptation of planting every nice tree you will find as you can end up with just a jungle. Instead, choose a few that produce thick foliage in contrasting colors and plant them in larger numbers. The contrasted swathes will add a nice texture and boldness to your space.

Demarcate the garden into sections

It is never a bad trick to divide your outdoor space into sections. These add order, which makes it easy to plant and maintain. Yet, without the right demarcations, it can end up looking quite messy. What to do with the section boundaries is a headache that can be turned into a budget friendly opportunity for adding depth to your space.

There are several options to explore here. You can plant a low hedge that runs the length of the boundary. For greater impact you can even plant the hedge in a playful, snaking pattern. Instead of a hedge you can also plant a row of tall growing grasses or, for a touch of color, a bed of roses. The boundary will serve a functional purpose and at the same time add visual energy.

Create islands

Islands are an creative way of adding an immersive effect that brings life to bland and boring landscapes. They are used to highlight activity areas and can be anything from raised herb gardens, a braai area, or a water feature. A circular bed of grasses and shrubs planted in rows will provide a floating highlight that can add a bit of height for particularly flat surfaces.

It works even better when you can’t see what’s on the other side of the island and have to walk around it. Positioning a water feature in the middle of the island can even make it the central feature of the whole landscape plan. Just remember to keep your feather friends in mind and add a few bird baths. They are fairly cheap to buy and look good too.

Use color to create bold contrasts

One idea that works all the time, and which any landscaping services contractor will advise, is to use plant color to add visual interest to your garden. Preferably, choose blooming shrubs that grow to the same height. Plant them in rows, one contrasting color after the other.

to accentuate the effect, opt for a sloping spot where the plants can be viewed from the base of the slope. And with plants coming in so many natural colors you will have limitless scope to put a personal stamp on your Plumpton property. When contrasted, the colors become far more pronounced. You will find the individual plants will look far better than if you used them alone.

Add height with raised planters

Trees can add height to your garden. But they can prevent sunlight from reaching your other low growing plants on the ground. They may also not be suitable for small gardens. You can still create the illusion of space in your garden by placing your planter pedestals planted at convenient spots in the garden.

The elevated planters are fairly cheap to install and will create eye-pleasing layers of visual interest that will transform your landscape. Hanging planted baskets beside the planters will also add interest. The plants will benefit from better aeration and protection from rodents and ground pests.

At Diploma Homes we have experienced landscape designers who create beautiful, modern landscapes out of any space, even for people on tight budgets. We are Plumpton’s leading landscaping services’ contractor and have completed projects across Melbourne.