Most Efficient Tips To Maintain A Bathroom

Most Efficient Tips To Maintain A Bathroom


We tend to spend a fortune on bathroom renovations, but don’t maintain it properly. Regular bathroom maintenance is important considering what we put into our tubs, sinks, showers and toilet through every day. They deserve special cleaning attention, this will not only keep your bathroom clean and shiny, but also save your money in the long run because problems related to mildew, and plumbing and leaks will be avoided.
Below we have listed some easy tips for bathroom maintenance, which will help you, clean and disinfects your bathroom.

Shower and Bathtub Maintenance
If you have tiled tubs and showers, make sure that grout is intact and solid, and not missing in certain areas. Having a good bead of caulk is the key. If the caulking is worn out, it may allow water to get behind the tile. You wouldn’t notice any damage until there is lots of it. Caulk ensures that the water that hits the area is drained out. Everyone should caulk at least once a year, and to keep up on your bathroom maintenance make it a practice to caulk the surface where the caulk’s integrity seems to be compromised. For the shower, pour ample amount of white vinegar in a plastic bag and then tie it around the showerhead overnight to submerge it in it. Take it off in the morning and run the water in order to rinse the showerhead.

Toilet Maintenance
Cleaning your toilet can be a dirty job if you don’t clean it regularly. Toilets tend to develop a stubborn ring that regular cleaning will not help. Use a pumice stone for this. This natural stone has pores and crumbles. Rub the pumice stone directly on the ring to clean the deposits. Aside from regular cleaning, rub a piece of cloth on the base of the toilet every now and then to test for water. Often some drop of water will seep out from the base. This is an indication that the sealing ring is getting worn and that bigger may occur in the near future. Also, keep a regular check on the back of the toilet to make sure that everything is in good shape. For the stain in the toilet, pour some baking soda into the bowl and let it sit for some time. Then using a brush, scrub the toilet and flush.

Shower Glass Door Maintenance
Shower glass doors need special treatment for cleaning. Do not clean glass doors with abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads, because they might scratch the glass or dull the finish. Clean glass doors with non-abrasive all-purpose bathroom cleaners, or best use baking soda. To clean a cloudy glass door use white vinegar or lime or scale remover.

Shower Curtain Maintenance
Shower curtains can get pretty filthy if good attention is not paid to them. If you notice black mould on the bottom of the curtain, pull the curtain out and scrub it with an abrasive cleaner. The humid environment of the bathroom is made for mildew. Do not be surprised to find mildew on your shower curtains. One of the easiest ways to keep mildew at bay is by soaking the shower curtain in salt water for some time before hanging them. Shower curtain can also be washed regularly in the washing machine using a regular detergent to get rid of mildew and soap scum.

Sink Maintenance
You may be shocked to know that bathroom sinks are dirtier than kitchen sinks. From overspray from our hair products to toothpaste dribbles, bathroom sinks endures it all on a daily basis. In order to remove the light film, use all-purpose bathroom cleaners. Abrasive scrubs and cleaners can be used on more stubborn deposits. Few cleaners have bleach in them, they can help clean toothpaste dribbles and also sanitise the sink. Pour some baking soda or white vinegar down the drain and then flush it with hot water. Also keep a check on leaks. A leak in the sink is really hard to discern because water is always getting splashed for regular use.

Bathroom floor
The mats we have in our bathroom have seen dirty feet on the way in and wet feet on the way out. They can become mouldy and dirty very quickly. These bathmats absorb a lot of water, which attracts a lot of dirt because of which these mats should be washed at least once every month. And for the bathroom floor, whether its wood, carpet, tile or linoleum, be aware that the floor is going to get wet and because of this hair, dirt and debris will stick to the floor easily. Bathroom floor will need to be cleaned regularly as much as kitchen floors or any other high-traffic area.

Bathroom Ceiling
We are often so busy cleaning the tiles and fixture in our bathroom that we never look up at the ceiling. Moist environment of the bathroom may lead to mildew and spot build up on the ceiling. In order to clean this, fill a bucket with equal parts of white vinegar and water and dip a long handled mop in this solution. Reach out with the mop to clean the ceiling.

Pipe maintenance
Clean the pipe at least once a week to keep them clear of hair clogs, oil and grease. Pour some baking soda and white vinegar down the pipes, the mixture will foam up. Let the mixture stay for a couple of minutes so that it dissolves all fatty acids. Then pour some hot water down the pipes in order to wash out any clogs.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Do not forget about this machine attached to the ceiling of your bathroom. Clean out the filters of exhaust fan at least once a month. A lot of dust will collect in the fan easily because of the moist environment of the bathroom. Plus, cleaning the fan regularly will also help it run better.

Cleaning Bathroom Regularly
Make it a point to clean the bathroom at least once a week. Clean the shower, sink, bathtub, toilet, mirror and floor. While doing so, inspect all the nooks and crannies.

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