About Us

About Us

Diploma is a family operated construction services company that has been serving Melbourne’s Western Suburbs since establishment over 12 years ago. The business is a continuation of the work that my father started many years ago. I literally grew up in my father’s business, and learnt most of what I know about the construction industry from him.

From as young as 12 years I was already spending time on site, doing odd jobs and learning different construction trades. Where modern technology equips us with more efficient tools and methods, my formative years under my father taught me the old school principles of hard work and sincere, face to face human interaction.

Even though we continue to draw inspiration from my father’s legacy, we feel a responsibility to move with the times. Every day, we make conscious efforts to improve our systems so we can provide a better service to our customers. We continue to investigate ways to improve our systems and make them more sustainable. Where a more environmentally friendly method or material can be used, we want to spare no effort to get it.

We try to construct homes that improve our clients’ standard of living. As much as possible, these homes must be energy efficient, harvest and save water, and use  renewable sources of energy. Our renovation jobs must improve a home’s feel and curb appeal, increase the property’s value, and reduce maintenance and utility costs. Our property maintenance services are meant to fix structural and aesthetic issues before they worsen and become more expensive to fix.

Since establishment, we have sought to continually improve our systems and methods to save our clients money. As a result we are now trusted for Landscaping and Building Construction among many other home renovation services. Here is a quick rundown of our services package;

It is our mission to keep improving our services. To that end we value, and constantly seek feedback from our past clients so we can learn if there are any issues we can fix in our current and future projects. We encourage our clients to be actively involved in the construction or renovation projects so issues are quickly picked and addressed to save both time and money.